Anne Quentel will listen to your needs and expectations and will make some recommendations in terms of rooms, overall organization of the space, building choice. She will support you to lay out and organize the room. She will follow up the chronology of the event carefully, from the time your guests are arriving, food (dinner, cocktail), people move until the end of the day.

These important choices will help you to determine the room furniture, the catering as well as the overall organization of the event.

Personalized dining table plans will be proposed, taking into consideration the number of participants, the furniture and the space booked.

For each event, you will receive a cost estimate as well as a detailed contract. No surprise: everything is planned to avoid unforeseen surprises!

Even the weather is not a problem anymore. If rain is coming during an outside cocktail, you will still have the option to move inside the rooms.

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Location de salles de réception près de Brest - Finistère Nord