- Main room (220 m², possibility to split in two different areas) + catering

- Cocktail room (170 m²) + local catering

- Meeting room (50 m²)

- Nursery (20 m²)

- Enlightened car parks (2 x 60 parking lots)

- Exhibition (400 m²)

- Back yards (400 m²) with garden tables and sunshades

- Park and Garden

The walls are enlightened for evening reception


Furniture is available at low pricing. Round, oval and rectangular tables, we have everything you need and suit all tastes. To help you to organize your master plan, Anne Quentel will make some recommendations.


Video projector, Internet access (Wi-Fi), screens, television LCD, garden tables, sunshades, sound system, microphones, etc. and everything you would need...

Domaine de la Ferme Quentel - 220 rue de Kerarc'halloc'h - 29850 Gouesnou - Tél : 02 98 07 87 73 -  Contact 

Location de salles de réception près de Brest - Finistère Nord